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To our students, families, and friends:

I want to thank you for being a part of the North East Agriscience Magnet Program; home of the James Madison FFA. You are a part of the largest Agriculture Program in Texas. Our unprecedented growth and impact on agriculture education can be traced back to the successes of those past "Ag" students who blazed a legacy of excellence throughout our 38 year history.

You are browsing this website at a moment in time where the impact of the program and the potential for student success is limitless. This moment includes:

  1. The completed construction of our amazing $24.6 million dollar educational complex;
  2. The introduction of a new graduation plan in the state of Texas focused on endorsements and certifications;
  3. The abundant support of our educational partners and school district administration;
  4. The expanding availability of college dual credit and agriculture industry certifications; and
  5. The oversite and involvement of our Parent Boosters, FFA Alumni, and program Advisory Council.

As you read the information on this website, imagine yourself getting involved in the areas that interest you, and then take action. The North East AMP has the resource, expertise, and vision to enable you to fill your personal portfolio with the experiences, knowledge, and skills that will help you become the successful person you want to be.

You can give us a call at (210) 356-1517 to gather more information about the AMP or to schedule a time to come by and see us.


2015 Agriscience Magnet Program Brochure D Stewart 1/19/2015 804 KB



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